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Design Workshop Technologies Announces the Release of dw-2000 Version 8.70

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 8.70 of its successful layout and verification software dw-2000« and our Viewer products. This release contains new features and many improvements. Just to name a few:

Multi-Structure Operation

The Multi-Structure Operations (MSO) is a new, easy to use utility which facilitate a large variety of batch operations you can do on single or multiple structures in your main library.

The MSO uses a wizard interface that lets you choose the source structures and operation to perform on a collection of Elements chosen according to specific property criteria. Just to name a few (and not limited to), you can use the MSO to:

  • Find and change any properties of Elements such as layers or path width

  • Find and delete Elements such as deleting references by name

  • Find and group select References by name

  • Located and place a marker on Elements

  • Located and print location such as PADs or device ports

New Element Kind: Ellipse

New coordinate display

Dynamic Rulers

Derived Layer: Resizing and Stretching Segments

Derived layer: Creating a Border around or inside shapes

Configuration and execution of HLE and LVS in batch mode without interacting with the user interface

For the complete list and details, please look at the Release Notes.

Design Workshop Technologies would like to thank our community for collaborating by submitting bug reports, fixes and enhancements.

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