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Application Services

Application Services

While we pride ourselves in providing you with outstanding products, we know that success comes from the hard work of your designers and engineers. However, with today's tight schedules, even hard work is not always sufficient and engineering resources are often stretched to the limit. This is why Design Workshop Technologies has an Application Services group ready to help you in any aspect of your design projects.

Our Application Specialists are specialists in the physical layout and verification of IC and of photonic integrated components. They have a wealth of experience designing successful systems with our tools. They can help you in the following areas:

Point Solutions

dw-2000's remarkable flexibility allows it to be adapted to answer specific physical layout and verification needs. These needs are often dictated by specific methodological or technological constraints. Our Application Specialists have helped many clients create customized point solutions by combining the dw-2000 modules in new and different ways.

Task Automation

Doing a layout is a long and thorough process that can benefit significantly from automation. Over and over again, our users have successfully used the powerful capabilities of the GPE, to automate their work and be more productive. Our Application Specialists are experts in GPE. Let them work with you to find out how to make the most of our tools.

Physical Verification

Physical verification is an essential element of your design flow. You know that having the right verification and extraction scripts is the key to a successful tape-out. Our Application Specialists have written or converted scripts covering a whole array of design rules. They know how to take advantage of the powerful features of our XDRC, and HLVS to write scripts that offer full coverage.

Design and Layout

Our Application Specialists can also help you designing your system and doing its layout, as they are experts in IC design, more specifically analog circuits, and in photonics design. Let them help you be successful.

Contact us! We can help you be successful.

Our Application Specialists can help you from our offices or by being on-site with your engineers. Rates are on a daily or weekly basis depending on the extent of the contract. To learn more about how our Application Specialists can help you be successful, please contact sales, directly at our head office.