Physical layout and verification software for Microelectronics, circuit boards
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Physical Layout and Verification

dw-2000 is Design Workshop Technologies' flagship suite of products, used by customers worldwide to deliver winning designs for over twenty years.

dw-2000 addresses the design requirements of physical layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Although available as separate modules, dw-2000 is an integrated environment consisting of a full-featured Layout Editor, a comprehensive Design Rule Checker, a reliable LVS and a Data Conversion Module. All these modules share a common powerful Programming Environment allowing almost unlimited extendibility.

The capabilities of dw-2000 promise increased productivity over anything else on the market. Its performance and features have comparable value to other software that cost 10 times as much. And its intrinsic customizability makes dw-2000 a clear choice for microelectronics design productivity.

dw-2000 can reduce your overall cost-per-solution in four major ways. Look at the figures:
  1. Great Value! The initial purchase price of dw-2000 is a fraction of the cost of comparable competitive products! - with no compromise on quality, stability or customer support.
  2. A typical installation takes minutes! With a fast installation and configuration - it's easy to get up and running. And dw-2000 runs on most computing platforms around today. From laptops to workstations, it works.
  3. Customization is fast and easy thanks to a very short learning curve (reduced from weeks to days) as well as software compactness. Because dw-2000 customized software solutions are created using a high-level CAD language , end-user source code is typically 20% the size of competing products. This reduces writing and debugging time, providing important savings in resources.
  4. Reduced risk! The high degree of integration and robust design of dw-2000 reduces the risk of hidden costs stemming from software instability and non-performance due to inter-product conflicts.