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Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
About Us
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About Us

Design Workshop Technologies is a privately held software development company, founded in 1988. Our headquarters in Montreal, Canada, houses our research and development, support services, conference and training facilities. We are a small, yet dynamic and responsive group of professionals who understand creativity, innovation and productivity.

Over the years, Design Workshop Technologies has established itself as an important developer of computer assisted design software. It has done so through the creation and marketing of innovative new products for the Electronic Design Automation and for the Photonic Design Automation markets, specifically in the area of physical layout and verification. Our software is used by engineers all over the world for creating new applications based on microfabrication technologies.

We're more than a developer of quality products; we're a total-quality corporate philosophy.

When you buy our products, you get more than just software; you get thoroughly verified and validated solutions used by most industry leaders to realize their vision. We gain a tremendous sense of satisfaction from seeing you succeed.

Our commitment to excellence does not stop with producing quality, state-of-the-art software.

We are also dedicated to providing outstanding service to our valued customers. Our customers have easy access to a team of CAD programming experts, all highly skilled in creating customized solutions. Our accessibility and reliability means you never lose any critical design time. The result is total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our history is one of solid research, innovative development and strong customer relations.

We are committed to continually improving our products, applying the latest up-to-date research to our software engines. We are widely recognized for collaborating with our customers to create better design solutions and state-of-the-art products.