Microfabrication computer assisted design software
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Other Microfabrication Applications

Since the start of the company in 1988, we have been working with pioneers in the microfabrication industry. We have a long tradition of developing unique solutions to many of the challenging problems facing this emerging industry. We are proud to consider ourselves as collaborators to what became new innovations in the area of microdevices. Microelectronics is clearly the most visible of those applications, but our products have also been used by industry leaders in the fields of integrated photonics, flat panel displays, disk heads, sensors, MEMS, mask making, etc.

Through years of working with researchers in the microfabrication industry, we have evolved our layout and verification products in a manner that enables us to provide the market with the highest level of support for a variety of microfabrication applications. Our attention to details, especially in the areas of flexibility, precision database, all angle geometries and numerical stability, have allowed our users to successfully adapt our products to the very specific needs of their specialized applications.

At Design Workshop Technologies, we are always eager to learn more about cutting-edge technologies and we love the challenge of finding creative solutions to intricate problems. We invite you to consult the rest of our web site to familiarize yourself with the products we offer to the microelectronics and photonics industries. You may find that our existing technology provides an immediate solution to your needs. If it does not, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to discuss your specific requirements and help you transform today's cutting-edge technology into tomorrow's solutions. For any technology discussion, please contact:

Mr. Benoit Trepanier
Director, Technical Services