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Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Buying Our Products

You need a CAD software for physical layout and verification. And you want to make the best possible decision. You want to find a product that is reliable, proven, sophisticated and within your budget.

We want to help you as you are going through your evaluation process. Here are the steps we suggest you follow in order to determine how our products can meet and exceed your needs:
  • Examine thoroughly our web site, it will allow you to get a good understanding of our products and their benefits.

  • If your need a more hands-on feeling, you can request an evaluation copy throught this download form.

  • Contact our sales people; they are there to answer all your questions.

  • Throughout the evaluation period, our engineers will work with you to ensure that you find solutions that meets your requirements.

  • We will also schedule one or more web demos so you can interactively discuss the products features with our engineers in front of the same screen.
We also suggest you consult our Product/Sales Frequently-Asked-Question (FAQ) section. You will find answers to commonly asked questions during the evaluation process.