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Satisfied and loyal users are what keeps a company successful. Here is a sample of what some of our users are saying about our products and our company:

As a CAD "power user", I find dw-2000 to be a great program to use, that I can work with quickly and efficiently. The flow of work for the user is quite well designed, and the user interface is optimized for the user. I think what sets DWT aside from most competitors is the extremely powerful programming language, which provides immense extendibility and customization of the entire program.
Richard J.Bojko - Senior Engineer, Seagate Technology

In research and development, a physical layout tool must be able to quickly turnaround designs, be extensible to interface with a wide variety of tools (mask writers, direct-write electron beam lithography tools, external mask vendors), run on a wide variety of platforms with full data compatibility, and not require a dedicated staff to use it. dw-2000, with its GPE programming language, ability to work with non standard geometries, and cross-platform capability is the only tool I have used over the past seven years which can meet all these requirements at a fraction of the cost of any comparable tool.
Paul A.Orphanos - Senior Consultant

We would like to thank Design Workshop Technologies for supporting Lightwave Microsystems in our goal to be the world-leading manufacturer of integrated optical components. For over four years, Lightwave Microsystems has been using dw-2000 as our mask layout software of choice to build our integrated optical components. DWT has been supportive by responding to our specific needs and requirements. DWT has an excellent technical support team that is responsive and knowledgeable. We look forward to building a great business relationship in the future.
Calvin Ho - CAD Engineering Manager, Lightwave Microsystems

Cree Inc. utilizes dw-2000 as our preferred CAD tool for the implementation of, primarily, next generation microwave FET and microwave MMIC amplifier designs in SiC (Silicon Carbide), and GaN (Gallium Nitride). Refer to Cree's website at for more information regarding specifications, target applications, partnerships, and customers. We have also employed dw-2000 in power device design including SiC power mosfets and schottky diodes. The power of the dw-2000 boolean tools has enabled designs that would have been previously too labor intensive to have been cost/time effective to pursue.

dw-2000 has provided a platform for Cree to develop DRC scripts to validate our design and process rules and to eliminate almost all errors prior to ordering masks. This is a significant cost/labor/time savings over discovering problems after a device is partially or fully fabricated.

Perhaps the single most significant feature in terms of cost savings that dw-2000 offers via the power of its boolean tools is the ability to place multiple reticle images into some arrangement on a single mask, a quadrant for example, and to then use boolean operations to generate multiple levels of a device (in this case 4) into a single criteria or GDS layer for mask fabrication. The overall dimension of the quadrant must be less than or equal to the field size of the photolith tool/stepper to be employed, and the tool must be capable of blinding around each of the four reticles on the single mask individually for exposure; essentially, in this case one gains four masks for the price of one.

The list of features available with dw-2000 is impressive. The learning curve is perhaps somewhat higher than with a simpler layout tool but the return on investment of time taken to learn the tool is well worth the effort. Efficiency of many tasks is improved enabling more work to be completed in less time. Every user at Cree who has mastered dw-2000 is quite pleased by its performance and in turn becomes an advocate of the software to others within our company.

Finally, the technical support staff at Design Workshop Technologies is excellent. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond to all issues raised. Their manner and expertise are appreciated.
Dan Fritz - Test Engineer, Cree Inc.

I particularly appreciate the versatility of dw-2000 that we use to design photomasks for diffractive optics as well as for MEMS-like devices such as microbolometers, lightvalves or micromirrors. dw-2000 prevents any positioning error of MEMS on the CMOS circuitry because the design is made directly on top of the CMOS library. I also want to mention the GPE programming capabilities of dw-2000 for automatic generation of very complex structures that would be otherwise very difficult to build.
Christine Alain, M. Eng. - Program Manager, Microfabrication, INO

I want to tell you how useful dw-2000 has been to my company. EM Logix is an emerging nanotechnology startup with a broad based microfabrication platform which is focused on developing products in the photonics and electronics space. Two years ago, I investigated significant time into different solutions for design layout to facilitate our planar waveguide prototyping efforts. I spoke to several mask and component companies and many mentioned dw-2000 as a tool to look at.

After a trial period, EM Logix decided to purchase dw-2000 and have been extremely pleased with the software ever since. Without dw-2000, we would not have been able to successfully prototype our high resolution waveguide structures. As EM Logix grows and design and layout of components becomes more critical, I know dw-2000 has the power and additional features to accommodate our needs. On a final note, Design Workshop's technical support has been second to none. dw-2000 is a powerful piece of software that requires a lot of time upfront to learn. Design Workshop's technical support professional took the time to help us solve our problems in a highly professional way.
John T. Chen, PhD - Director of Product Development , E*M Logix

Here at Ultratech Stepper, Inc. we decided back in 1991 that it was time to purchase mask layout software to bring this capability in-house, rather than depend upon outside sources. After our investigation into the various options, we chose Design Workshop Technologies' dw-2000 and have been using it for the past 12 years. We started with the Apple platform, and now have licenses for both the Apple and the PC platforms. We have completed cad layout for hundreds of Ultratech Stepper reticle designs for the steppers we produce, and have also found dw-2000 very useful for the verification of device layouts of our Customers. The ease of use of the Layout Editor of dw-2000 has always been a big plus.

We have, in addition, always found the Technical Support of Design Workshop Technologies to be excellent, with questions and support needs taken care of with minimal delays.
Alan Walther - Senior Reticle Engineer, Ultratech Stepper, Inc.

JMAR's CPL technology is pushing the limits of lithography to dimensions well below 100nm. Design Workshop Technologies' dw-2000 design suite helped us move quickly to use our existing PC resources to produce complex sub100nm designs with very manageable data volumes. We greatly appreciate Design Workshop Technologies' great support in learning and applying their design tools.
Brent E. Boerger - Applications Engineer, JMAR / SAL Nanolithography

In my mind, GPE, simplicity and support define Design Workshop. Right out of the box, dw-2000 comes with a nice user interface which presents its baseline features to get you started. The graphical programming environment (GPE) gives access to all the functionalities in the front and back end for automating your advanced layout tasks. Simplicity is an asset that you will not find in every tool out there. The learning effort is proportional to the complexity of the job at hand. It does not take long to become a power user and it does not take a power user to accomplish many complex tasks. And last but not the least, you are backed by an excellent technical support which is prompt in assistance to your specific problems and open to your suggestions.
Gokhan Ulu, Ph.D. - Research and Design Engineer, Clarendon Photonics Inc.

At RSC, we're an independent privately owned company focused on creating innovative technologies and delivering the winning technical edge in partnership with our customers. With intense time-to-market pressures our designers need proven layout software that works reliably and dw-2000 fills this need. dw-2000 is an impressive layout tool.

Two outstanding features of dw-2000 are the native GDS database that guarantees seamless conversion and export of layout data to the GDS format, and the graphical programming environment (GPE) that gives access to all the capabilities of dw-2000 for automating advanced layout tasks.
Jonathan B. Hacker - Manager RF Circuits and Applications, Rockwell Scientific Co.