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Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Academic Programs

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to offer academic institutions with special programs allowing them to utilize Design Workshop Technologies' industry-leading products for educational and research purposes.

Academic Research

If you are involved in University founded research, i.e., not founded by a commercial company, you are eligible for our academic research program. Under this program, you can acquire any Design Workshop Technologies products at a very steep discount.


dw-2000, the best layout editor and verification software available on low-cost platforms, is an ideal product for your instructional use. Design Workshop Technologies educational program allows you to bring this innovative technology directly into your classroom.

We will be glad to discuss your educational plan with you to determine the best fit between your instructional goals and our products. We will then be able to devise a package that allows your students and you to access our technology at a very affordable price.

Please contact our sales team and tell them that you want to apply for our research or educational program.