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Design Workshop Technologies Announces the Release of dw-2000 Version 8.40

To download the latest version of dw-2000 click here

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 8.40 of its successful layout and verification software dw-2000. This release contains new features and many improvements, and we would like to thank our customers for their valuable input.

The new features includes:

For more information on the improvements of dw-2000 version 8.40, please read the Release Notes.

Support of Windows 7

Version 8.40 of dw-2000 can now be installed on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits Editions)

Bidirectional AutoCADŽ Converter

Design Workshop Technologies? AutoCAD Conversion & Verification Module is a powerful tool created to resolve most issues associated with the conversion of .dwg and .dxf files. Fully integrated into the dw-2000 framework, the module allows users to import and export files in common AutoCAD formats. It can verify AutoCAD data for compliance, allows users to browse errors, and helps users repair them. The converter is powered by the AutoDesk Real DWG Engine which properly interprets AutoCAD files.

The main features include:

  • Seamless integration into the dw-2000 framework

  • Easy-to-use wizard

  • Bidirectional conversion of both .dwg and .dxf files

  • Full hierarchy support

  • Multitude of conversion options (units, blocks, fracturing, ?)

  • Layer and structure (cell) selection

  • Verification of GDSII compliance

  • Convenient error browser

  • Automatic line linking

  • Full hierarchy support

  • Flagging of errors such as unclosed, self-intersecting or nested polygons
    in dw-2000

  • Tools for easy repair in dw-2000
This converter is an add-on module. All customers with a valid maintenance contract have full access to the converter until April 1, 2009.

OASIS? Converter (BETA)

The dw-2000 version 8.40 layout editor includes a bidirectional OASIS? (BETA) converter. Typically, the OASIS? compaction ratio is much better than for GDSII, which makes it ideal for archiving design files. The OASIS format is a registered Trademark of SEMI.

Automatic GPE Script Generation

Automatic script generation in the DRC composer and Boolean Tool has been enhanced. Clicking Compose now provides complete scripts that are ready to be run immediately.

New Element Summary Window

The new window provides direct access to each coordinate of an element, thus making it easier to change a shape.

Group Align GPE

This new GPE sample is very useful when you want to properly align various shapes. It allows each element of a group to be aligned in relation to the side of a specific shape. It further has the option to space randomly spread shapes evenly.

About Design Workshop Technologies

Founded in 1988, Design Workshop Technologies is a privately held software development firm. Our headquarters in Montreal, Canada, house our research and development, support services, conference and training facilities. We are a small, yet dynamic and responsive group of professionals who understand creativity, innovation and productivity. Over the years, Design Workshop Technologies has established itself as an important developer of computer assisted design software. It has done so through the creation and marketing of innovative new products for the Electronic Design Automation and Photonic Design Automation markets, specifically in the area of physical layout and verification. Our software is used by engineers the world over for creating new applications based on microfabrication technologies.

For the latest news and information, or for a live online demonstration, please visit the company's Web site ( or call 1-866-590-0770 (outside of North America, call +1-514-745-0770).

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