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Design Workshop Technologies Announces the Release of dw-2000 Version 8.60

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 8.60 of its successful layout and verification software dw-2000® and our Viewer products. This release contains new features and many improvements.

New 64-bit edition

The native 64-bit edition of dw-2000 is now available. Users with 64-bit operating systems are now able to use the entire memory available in their computers. With the 64-bit edition, the design size you can process and speed is dependent on the available memory.

Windows 8
This release is compatible with Windows 8.

Quick peek at some of the recent changes:

  • Layout Editor
    • The number of reference libraries you can use is now 15, up from 7.

    • The library formats now support millions of structure, up from 65,535.

    • The number of structures you can simultaneously open and edit is now 20, up from 5.

    • The maximum number of elements per structure has been increased by a factor of 7.

    • A new GPE command AppendStruct allows you to combine data from two structures in a single operation.

  • A new Add-ins menu is use to quickly load specialized Applications (APPs) that have been created using the GPE scripts. A collection of known APPs such as Fillet, PGfont are listed in addition to new APPs like Dimensions, Serialization/Die numbering, and many other useful Layout Editing commands are available.

  • A QRCode GPE command is available to generate a Quick Response Code drawing.

  • For HLVS users, under HLVS:Navigator menu, the Extracted View Navigator window is available to locate extracted networks and devices.
  • A series of new GPE commands is available that includes CenterStruct and MoveOrigin which are available under the Structure Toolbar interface.
  • And more...

For more information please read the Release Notes.

Design Workshop Technologies would like to thank our community for collaborating by submitting bug reports, fixes and enhancements.

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