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October 1, 2020

Design Workshop Technologies Announces the Release of dw-2000 Version 8.75

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 8.75 of its successful layout and verification software dw-2000 and our Viewer products. This release contains new features and many improvements. Just to name a few:

Multithreading in v8.75
In the last decades, CPU manufacturer have been providing processors made with several cores which can perform several tasks at once. In v8.75 we will be using this additional resource to work on layouts using parallel processing. At the time of the release, we will introduce the following two Multithreading tools and more of them will appear during the v8.75 life cycle.

Multithreaded Boolean Operations
This new tool divides the layout into tiles where each tile will be processed by one of the logical processors available in your system.

Fill Structure Tool
The same strategy is used for the Fill Area operation. This program fills the non-occupied area with a selected shape drawn in its own structure.

Advanced Transformation for Affine (Skew) and Anamorphic Layouts
In this release we introduce a new transformation tool to create Affine and Anamorphic layouts.

OASIS interchange file format update
The OASIS converter is updated and now has a new option to reduce the Library size and increase conversion speed.

For the complete list and details, please look at the Release Notes.

Design Workshop Technologies would like to thank our community for collaborating by submitting bug reports, fixes and enhancements.

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