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Design Workshop Technologies Announces the Release of dw-2000 Version 8.90

Design Workshop Technologies is proud to announce the release of version 8.90 of its successful layout and verification software dw-2000 and our Viewer products. This release contains new features and many improvements. Just to name a few:

Starting with this release, dw-2000 uses the DirectX technology from Microsoft. More precisely its Direct2D which is a module of DirectX. Using Direct2D, the time to load and display layout is significantly reduced while improving the rendered graphics for a better visual effect.

Improved Layout Experience
Direct2D opens the door to a new layout experience. In addition to drawing speed, it offers a better color and improves color blending using partial transparency amongst layers. Anti-aliasing improves text readability when used with cursors, rulers, and layout text elements.

Quick Measurements
The quick measurement is a new cursor mode that displays vertical and horizontal distances at the cursor location as you move the cursor between or inside elements.

AutoCAD Conversion
This conversion module now supports AutoCAD file formats (DXF & DWG) used by AutoCAD software from the year 2000 to 2024.

New GDSII & OASIS Conversion Options
There are many new features and improvements in the GDSII and OASIS file conversion which include a new conversion option interface in one single prompt window.

For the complete list and details, please look at the Release Notes or watch this short Release Overview video.

Design Workshop Technologies would like to thank our community for your collaboration.

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