dw-2000 Videos and Webinars
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components

dw-2000 Videos and Webinars

Product presentation through webinars hosted by CMC:

Introduction to dw-2000 Layout Tool Suite
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  • dw-2000 layout tool suite overview
  • Introduction to the Layout environment
  • Manual layout operations
  • PCells and the Photonics Element Library (PEL)
  • Boolean operations
  • How to access dw-2000 through CMC

Introduction to the GPE Interface and Programming
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  • Loading and using GPE programs
  • Customizing your layout environment
  • Introduction to the scripting language syntax and typical applications

Parameterize Cells in dw-2000
Recording coming soon

  • PCell planning and definition
  • PCell development using the GPE
  • Building a PCell kit for sharing / distribution
  • Running a GPE program to place a collection of PCells with variations

Introduction to Design Rule Checking (DRC) in dw-2000
Recording coming soon

  • Using DRC to check for process design rule and device specific characteristics
  • DRC rule types and how to identify areas of verifications
  • Composing your own DRC deck