dw-2000 Videos and Webinars
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components

dw-2000 Videos and Webinars

Feature presentations :

dw-2000 AutoCAD Converter
This videos shows the unique features of our Bidirectional Translator.

Photonic Bundle
This presentation introduces you to the Photonic Bundle that includes the Layout Editor, Photonics Element Library (PEL), PCell development kit and the Design Rule Checker (XDRC).

Product presentation through webinars hosted by CMC:

Introduction to dw-2000 v8.60 Layout Tool Suite
Watch the Recording

  • dw-2000 layout tool suite overview
  • Introduction to the Layout environment
  • Manual layout operations
  • PCells and the Photonics Element Library (PEL)
  • Boolean operations
  • How to access dw-2000 through CMC

Introduction to the GPE Interface and Programming
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  • Loading and using GPE programs
  • Customizing your layout environment
  • Introduction to the scripting language syntax and typical applications

Parameterize Cells in dw-2000
Recording coming soon

  • PCell planning and definition
  • PCell development using the GPE
  • Building a PCell kit for sharing / distribution
  • Running a GPE program to place a collection of PCells with variations

Introduction to Design Rule Checking (DRC) in dw-2000
Recording coming soon

  • Using DRC to check for process design rule and device specific characteristics
  • DRC rule types and how to identify areas of verifications
  • Composing your own DRC deck