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Photonics Element Library

Photonics Element Library

The Photonics Element Library is specifically designed to provide the photonic industry with a complete backend solution for designing photonic devices. The library utilizes the unique features of dw-2000, such as all-angle, GDSII native, hierarchical database, and includes a library of parametric optical elements. The waveguide elements make it possible for designers to quickly go from simulation to ready-to-manufacture layouts.

Waveguide Elements
The different waveguide elements are actual parametric cells that have been implemented by our engineers that conform to both the photonic standards and manufacturers' requirements. To use these elements, designers simply need to select the appropriate element, assign its parameter values and place it in the layout. This could also be done automatically using a GPE script. Once a waveguide element is placed, users can view or modify the ready-to-manufacture layout. If the designer needs to have a closer view of what the manufacturer sees, the layout can be converted to a machine specific format (i.e., MEBES, JEOL).

Element list

  • Linear
  • Arc Bend
  • Arc S-Bend
  • Sine S-Bend
  • Cosine S-Bend
  • Polynomial
  • Elliptic
  • Ring
  • Polygon
  • Linear Taper
  • Arc Taper
  • Arc S-Bend Taper
  • Sine S-Bend Taper
  • Cosine S-Bend Taper
  • Polynomial S-Bend Taper
  • Exponential Taper
  • Parabolic Taper
  • Circular Lens
  • Elliptic Lens
  • Parabolic Lens
  • Hyperbolic Lens
Smooth transition
A key to reducing the time to market is to have a smooth transition between each design step. Since different tools are best to carry out specific design steps, this requires an efficient way to move from one tool to the other. A smooth transition can most easily be achieved through a parametric approach. This approach involves using the same elements and parameters in each of the different design tools.

dw-2000 Integration
The Photonics Element Library is used within the dw-2000 Layout Editor and can be used to place all the other elements of a completed chip such as markers, alignments and labels. Designers can also access integrated tools such as dw-2000 XDRC to verify their designs and the Boolean Tool for mask preparation.