Design Workshop Technologies - Photonic Design Automation
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Modules and Versions

See the sections below for a brief functional and module description for each edition of dw-2000.

dw-2000 addresses the design requirements and environment factors of the most sophisticated designer. It consists of a full-featured Layout Editor, the Graphics Programming Environment (GPE), Design Rule Check (DRC) module and most common Data Conversion modules.

The capabilities of dw-2000 promise increased productivity over anything else on the market. Its intrinsic customizability makes dw-2000 a clear choice for non-standard design missions. dw-2000 is used not only for microelectronics layouts, but also is used in fields such as mask-making, electro-optics, photonics, thin film heads, sensors, flat panel displays, CCD, medical imagery, and power conversion. dw-2000 is the most powerful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use physical layout design system to be found.

The standard dw-2000 package includes the following:
  • Layout Editor - featuring a true all angle Boolean engine, unlimited undo/redo, hierarchical database, edit-in-place and multi-context editing, group and fence commands, etc.
  • GPE - Graphics Programming Environment - a programming language, run-time library and work environment that facilitates physical layout design programming.
  • Advanced GPE Extensions Module
    • Dialog Module - facilitates the creation and use of dialog boxes in GPE programs.
    • C Developer's Kit - enables the use of C programs within dw-2000's GPE.
  • GDSII and OASIS conversion are standard converter modules included with dw-2000.

dw-2000 Add-On Modules

dw-2000 modules are the gateway to advanced features such as enhanced DRC, electrical layout extraction and network comparison. These modules are fully integrated throughout the application and can be accessed extensively through the GPE. This provides an unsurpassed level of inter-operability - an elegant solution to back-end tools needed for creating layouts.
  • DCM - Standard Data Conversion Module - a module containing the following converters:
    • MEBES
    • Cambridge SPD
    • JEOL-01
    • JEOL-51
  • AutoCAD (DXF, DWG) - Advanced Bidirectional converter for both DXF and native AutoCAD DWG file formats.
  • ISI-2800 Converter for the ISI-2800 laser writer equipment.
  • Standard DRC - Design Rule Check - performed on a physical layout that contains irregularly shaped polygons, with user-specified design rules.
  • XDRC - Enhanced Design Rule Checker - a physical verification tool that can verify the design rules of the most advanced process technologies.
  • HLVS - Hierarchical Layout vs. Schematic Module
    • Hierarchical Layout Extractor - an electrical extractor that translates the physical geometric organization of a circuit layout into an electrical network (or netlist).
    • Layout versus Schematic Comparator - a network comparator that compares a physical layout to a reference electrical network in order to detect physical layout errors.
  • PCell Developer Kit
  • Photonics Element Library
  • Cross-section viewer

dw-2000 Viewer (Free edition)

dw-2000 Viewer provides the lowest-cost option to using dw-2000 and can be used for viewing, as well as printing layouts. This product can read the following file formats: dw-2000 .DWK, GDSII, OASIS and AutoCAD.

dw-2000 Viewer+ (Plus) Conversion

In addition to the dw-2000 Viewer product, the dw-2000 Viewer+ is Bidirectional converter for all the file formats listed above.