Design Workshop Technologies - Photonic Design Automation
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Work within your design flow.

In order to be effective, you want tools that work well together. Integration is an important aspect of the solution you are looking for.

All of the dw-2000 modules are fully integrated throughout the application and can be accessed extensively through the GPE. This provides an unsurpassed level of inter-operability. The DRC can be integrated with the Layout Editor for easy error navigation, including: legend dialog to facilitate error count, mask and navigation, color-coded error representation, and plain English error representation.

For integration with other tools, you can use the GPE advanced extensions to exchange information through a C program.

Another strategy for integrating with front-end simulation tools is to utilize P-Cells. Integration is made easy and seamless by having each design element share the same parameters in every tool for every part of the design flow. With the Photonics Element Library (PEL), which includes P-Cells for linear, taper, s-bend and y-branches, the transition from the modeling environment to physical layout is accomplished by instantiating the corresponding P-Cells with matching parameters. Such a solution is being developed by Design Workshop Technologies in cooperation with Optiwave Corporation. If you have a different design environment, all the tools you need to create this type of integration are provided with the P-Cells Developers Kit.

Whatever the design flow you use, we are convinced that dw-2000 can be adapted to fit nicely into it.