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Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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The time required for creating layouts can be drastically reduced by automatically generating the layout of specific cells. dw-2000's solution provides you with the ultimate combination of ease-of-use and flexibility.

P-Cells allow you to define your design elements, or to use those that come in library kits, to rapidly create designs through simple parameterization. Enter the data, through the user interface or a script, and instantly a device can be generated. To modify the parameters, you simply select the cell in the layout, change the parameters in the dialog box and the cell is redrawn.

Underlying P-Cells is dw-2000's powerful GPE (Graphics Programming Environment). The cell layout is defined using the GPE programming language providing you with virtually unlimited flexibility in the type of cells you wish to create. P-Cells also provides a mechanism to detect when the definition of a P-Cell has changed so that the instances can be redrawn with the new definition. With dw-2000's P-Cells, you can be sure that productivity and quality are a part of every design you make.