Design Workshop Technologies - Electronic Design Automation
Design Workshop software for design of microelectronics and photonics computer components
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Get what you need.

Depending on your goals, your tool requirements might vary greatly. You might need a complete tool suite or only some modules. You might require a global solution or a simpler version with lesser features. What you need is a modular offering that allows you to get just what you need.

dw-2000 consists of a set of top-quality engineering design tools in the form of versatile ready-to-use software modules. The Layout Editor, HLVS, Verification (DRC) Tools, and the Data Conversion modules can be used immediately, either independently, or in combination with each other. Each dw-2000 module is optimized for a specific task while maintaining the highest possible level of cohesion with its companion modules. This allows designs to flow directly from one module to another, reducing duplication and effort. These modules can be procured separately or packaged together.

dw-2000 also comes in a Viewer version for users who needs to review or print layouts.

This provides users with a modular software solution that addresses their individual design requirements. dw-2000 is an easy way to find physical layout solutions for your physical layout design problems.