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Feature Highlights

For those who require basic rule checking without the need for a comprehensive solution such as XDRC, we offer our Standard DRC tool. dw-2000 Standard DRC's main features are:
  • Boolean Engine generated input data (all angle, logic combinations and resize)
  • User-defined verification and exception areas
  • Single Layer Rule Checks:
    • Inside (or width)
    • Inclusive Outside (or notch)
    • Exclusive Outside (or separation)
  • Two Layer Rule Checks:
    • Separation
    • Inclusion
    • Overlap
    • Extension
  • Edge visibility angle options
  • Interface dialog to quickly invoke checks and compose scripts
  • DRC commands in GPE format, hence verification through DRC scripts
  • DRC scripts easily installed in interface menus
  • Legend dialog to facilitate error count, mask and navigation
  • Color-coded error representation
  • Plain English error representation

An Integral Verification Tool

dw-2000 Standard DRC is an integral part of the physical layout process, rather than a separate post-layout batch processing operation. The DRC measurement engine performs the verification check based on a sequence of user-defined relationships. A composer is also included to help you create verification checks rapidly and interactively. Alternately, you can use the GPE to create scripts, i.e., record command sequences which the DRC measurement engine can then verify. The resulting scripts can be installed in a dw-2000 menu to be readily accessible to users.

Error Navigation

Another area of importance in any DRC is error navigation, that is, the process of locating physical layout errors pointed to by the DRC error report. dw-2000 Standard DRC provides a user-friendly error navigation interface between the DRC results and the necessary editing actions the designer has to perform to correct the offending geometries. dw-2000 represents DRC errors with color-coded markers (tags) placed directly on the offending errors. Depending on the options you specify, DRC automatically zooms in on error areas. Also, since each error can be identified by a label (via scripting), you can assign meaningful names to represent an error, thereby simplifying complex error recognition.